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  • Product Care

    We take care and pride in delivering the finest crafted products. While these are functional fittings subject to everyday wear and tear, with the right care they will last a lifetime.

    Please ensure all fittings are regulary oiled where obvious abrasive areas of moving parts are visible. We recommend that you do this 3 to 4 times a year.

  • Product Care for Traditional Window Fittings

    Preventing rust on black and pewter ironmongery

    Iron in any form, whether cast or malleable, is susceptible to rusting, which is why our black and pewter ironmongery is finished with two highly durable stove-cured coatings. However, it is inevitable that over time the painted surfaces can start to wear down, as the moving parts rub together during operation.

    New Build Projects and Conservatories

    To avoid accidental damage to our fittings we recommend the fixing and use of temporary handles to windows and doors during construction and until such works as plastering and painting are complete.

    We would recommend fitting of our products just before completion of a new build project. Please ensure all products when fitted are lightly oiled.

    Product care for traditional window fittings: Click Here

    Product care for contemporary window fittings: Click Here